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I liked this entry....

It has a kinda 'Charm' to it which really compliments the piece. It's sort of like a part of the Artist went into this Flash, which is rare these days.

The unique art style is impressive and the story, although short, is fun and uplifting. Just a breath of fresh air compared to most portal entries....

.....great job.

Couldn't even get it right!

My 6 year old sister knows what the big bang was! You don't. Was:

Completely wrong
Boring and uninteresting
Poorly animated

and deserve no more than 3/10.

bnwproductions responds:

Wow you are a dumbass.


Yeah Animation was great...don't get me wrong. But what the hell was going on! That was like the retarded ramblings of a drug user, described in Flash! All over the place. But I can't knock the good soundtrack and amazing animation. Obviously a lot of work went into it....just I don't get it!

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Good Fun!

Really simple to beat. Wasted 10 minutes which was alright. Good graphics, good gameplay, good job.

Bits of it need fixing.

So crappy in parts, the collision between the character and the enemies is stupid, they kill you when you are no where near them. This makes the room with all the levers in it way to stupidly impossible to get past.

Would be a good game but too many bugs in it.

Medals not wokring

It's an alright game. Simple, and wastes a few minutes. Just a slight problem with the medals. They appear when you do whatever you have to do to get them. But they don' save to profile.

Kevin responds:

I'll get on that.

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It's okay

It's a nice style. Not one of my favourites but that's just my preference and I won't mark you down for it.

This piece works well together but, I'm not a fan of the broken down bit in the middle just a little too mellow.

Last gripe is it's such a shame about the file size. 6 MB makes it a bit impracticable for Flash work. I wonder how it will sound after some serious compression?

But good job. Great style. Keep 'em comming.

Marks-a-lot responds:

I wasn't to sure about the middle part either, at first. I think I said in the commentary that Elusion made the choir break, so that wasn't really my idea. In the end though I got used to it. compression shouldn't do that much to this track (or any of my tracks) I can kick the bitrate down down to 128 and it wouldn't do anything to the quality. thanks for the review and bringing up the file size problem I never really thought about the flash animators, sorry. One more thank you, thanks


Hey thanks. This brings back a load of wasted hours from my child hood. It's great to see how you've brought the iconic music of Theme Hospital back.

It's a great piece but I think the volume of the muted trumpet needs to come down a bit. Playing this through headphones, hurts!


Did you take influence from Chaoz Fantasy? You can kind of hear a reference to in the tune. But, I have to say, you've taken it to another level. Great beats. The whole thing flows brilliantly together.

You could have sold this one!

Randomizor responds:

No I didnt take any influence from Chaos Fantasy. xD

Thanks for listening. =3




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